According to the COE’s mandate and the notion of the importance of exchanging knowledge and expertise and the COE’s endeavored to forge and strengthen all the parties in the energy sector in Egypt.

On June 21 and 23, 2022, Dr. Walid El-Khattam the COE Technical advisor participated in the ICSC workshop that was organized by the Faculty of Engineering Ain Shams University under the title of “Smart Grid: Opportunities and Challenges” (session: Communication and Information Technology) and “Smart Grid for Sustainable Networks” (session: Green built Environment) respectively.

He illustrated the smart grid concept and its implementation on the national grid. The importance of collecting information, through communication technologies, from the electricity grid will help decision-makers optimally use the available resources while saving the environment and satisfying the customers. These goals are considered the pillars that the COE aims to promote in corporation with industry and emphasizing their benefits in the students’ curriculums.