Ain Shams University

Ain Shams University (ASU-EG) is a public university in Cairo, Egypt. It is one of the three Egyptian partner universities collaborating on the Center of Excellence for Energy

Founded in 1950 under the name Ibrahim Pasha University, Ain Shams University is the second-largest in Egypt. Its site is a former royal palace—the Zaafarana Palace, named for the saffron plantations that once made the area famous. As of 2021, the university hosts 220,614 undergraduate students, 20,540 graduate students, and 14,557 faculty. The university includes Faculties of Engineering, Computer and Information Sciences, Dentistry, Business, Al-Alsun (Language), Education, Law, Agriculture, Specific Education, Women, Arts, Nursing, Postgraduate Childhood Studies, Environment Studies, and Research, Archaeology, and Global Affairs and International Business.

The Ain Shams University emblem depicts an obelisk and two hawks, in reference to Egypt’s On University, a renowned center of knowledge, particularly in astronomy, engineering, and medicine, that was established over 5000 years ago.

According to Webometrics and Times Higher Education in 2022, Ain Shams University is in the top four universities in Egypt, the top 36 among Arab universities, and the top 1200 in the world.