Center of Excellence for Energy

The Center of Excellence for Energy is funded by USAID with the support of the American people with a goal to advance Egypt’s energy transition to aid the country in reaching its target of utilizing 42% renewable energy by 2035. Operated by Arizona State University in conjunction with partner universities in Egypt: Ain Shams University, Mansoura University, and Aswan University, as well as government and industry partners, the center aims to improve the capacity of Egypt’s higher education institutions to drive innovation, modernization, and competition in the energy sector as well as strengthening government policy to stimulate economic growth and address Egypt’s energy challenges.

Center activities include:

  • Fostering collaborative relationships between universities, the government, and the energy industry in Egypt
  • Developing energy degree programs and courses, conducting training on innovative teaching methods, offering professional certification programs and training courses
  • Building out state-of-the-art laboratory spaces for teaching and advancing innovative research
  • Providing funding and fostering opportunities for binational research projects
  • Establishing exchange and internship programs
  • Creating an economically sustainable Technology Center to provide long-term support for the center by offering fee-based services.

In the News

Energy Exchange Seminar Series Press Release

Energy Exchange Seminar Series Press Release

Center of Excellence for Energy launches “Energy Exchange” seminar series The USAID-funded Center of Excellence for Energy launched “Energy Exchange”, a seminar series that creates a platform for Arizona State University and Egyptian partner university faculty and...

Innovative Teaching Methods Workshop

Innovative Teaching Methods Workshop

Hosted by the Center of Excellence for Energy, the Innovative Teaching Methods assessment and workshop was conducted by Dr. Ryan Milcarek, assistant professor at Arizona State University who incorporates hands-on activities, real-world problem solving, and peer-led...

$22 Million

Project Sponsored by USAID

5 yrs


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