Applied Research

The COE will bring together key private and public sector stakeholders to develop a research strategy and define critical research areas to help achieve these goals.

Research and Policy Committee

Comprised of representatives from ASU-US, ASU-EG, AU, MU, COE leadership, and stakeholder representatives, the Research and Policy Committee’s primary purpose is to ensure that the COE research is relevant to Egypt’s energy challenges and goals and to redirect researchers’ focus away from overly theoretical concepts and toward innovative applied research solutions that are both sensible and sustainable. After review by an external panel of energy experts, the Committee will help to select research projects that fit these criteria.

Energy Research Grant Program

COE is currently seeking applications for a research grants program in Egypt, through which Egyptian university faculty will conduct joint applied research projects with ASU-US faculty. Proposed areas of research to be funded include:

  • Solar energy
  • Electric vehicles
  • Hybrid energy systems
  • Wind energy
  • Energy policy
  • Smart distribution networks

And many more topical areas of energy research. Please consult the proposal submission resources for more information.

Common Laboratories for Research and Learning

Not only will COE fund research grants, but it will also support research capacity building by developing shared laboratory spaces at Egyptian partner universities. Laboratories will enable students and faculty to learn, teach, and apply skills most relevant to the current energy research field. Laboratories will be designed to best suit the needs of Egyptian partner universities and align with the defined energy research goals.