Research and Policy Committee

Research and Policy Committee

Comprised of representatives from Arizona State University, Ain Shams University, Mansoura University, Aswan University, energy industry, research, and governmental leaders, and Center of Excellence for Energy leadership, the Research and Policy Committee’s primary purpose is to guide research strategy for the center. The committee focuses the center’s research on innovative applied research solutions that are relevant to Egypt’s energy challenges and goals and is both sensible and sustainable.

This committee works closely with the Curriculum Development Committee to identify facility needs and suggest relevant topics for curriculum, classes, and training programs. This committee will also interact with the Sustainability Committee to publicize the center’s research results and facilitate interactions with the commercial energy industry and funding agencies.

The committee meets on a quarterly basis. In FY2022, the committee defined roles and responsibilities, identified research areas critical to support Egypt’s energy sector needs, supported the development of a strategic plan for the center and the associated research roadmap, and created a plan for the research program.

Activities of the committee include:

  • Identifying the needs for energy research in Egypt to support its sustainability goals and advance its role as a leader in the energy sector
  • Assess current research capacity at Egyptian partner universities and make recommendations for improvement to ensure proper resources for meeting research goals
  • Evaluate submissions and offer support and guidance for the center’s research grant program

In developing research programs and spaces, the committee will take into consideration the importance of recruiting underrepresented groups, including women, persons with disabilities, and financially needy students, to the energy sector.