Curriculum Development Committee

Curriculum Development Committee

The curriculum development committee of the Center of Excellence for Energy is made up of representatives from Arizona State University, Ain Shams University, Mansoura University, and Aswan University, as well as leaders from the energy industry. The committee’s aim is to create new energy degree programs, certificate programs, and courses in order to develop a skilled workforce to meet Egypt’s future energy needs.

The committee meets on a quarterly basis and has several working groups focusing on specific areas related to the assessment and development of curricula including:

  • An Arizona State University curriculum committee including faculty with specializations in mechanical engineering and electrical engineering.
  • Faculty working groups at Ain Shams University, Mansoura University, and Aswan University with specializations in mechanical engineering and electrical engineering.

Activities of the committee include:

  • Evaluating the relevance and quality of current energy degree programs and coursework and recommending new curricula for undergraduate degree programs.
  • Developing content for at least ten new energy courses and additional certificate training courses and workshops.
  • Evaluating laboratory spaces and equipment to assess needs for improved curricula.

The committee has reviewed the eleven top university programs for renewable energy, identifying an emphasis on team-based project work, collaboration with industrial partners, courses in social sciences and humanities that complement technical energy courses such as energy policy and development. The committee has also conducted several in-person visits to each Egyptian partner university to evaluate laboratory facilities, engage in discussions with faculty members, and ensure cooperation and trust in the assessment.

The committee will recommend new advanced degrees, certificate programs, courses, workshops, and seminars in energy related fields of study that are relevant to Egypt’s future energy needs including energy policy, regulations, economy, sustainability, and engineering.

In conjunction with the team at the center, the committee will review the curriculum plans and modernize the research and instructional laboratories at Egyptian partner universities. In developing the curricula, the committee will take into consideration the importance of recruiting underrepresented groups, including women, persons with disabilities, and financially needy students, to the energy sector.