Net-Zero Buildings

Net-Zero Buildings Workshop

The USAID-funded Center of Excellence for Energy is hosting an in-person Net-Zero Buildings Workshop at Ain Shams University’s Faculty of Engineering. Arizona State University Professor Emeritus Dr. Harvey Bryan will lead this two-and-a-half-day workshop on the global challenges facing government and industry as they strive to meet net-zero energy and carbon targets. The importance of meeting net-zero targets is increasingly recognizing buildings as being one of the most critical sectors for addressing emissions under the Paris Agreement. Dr. Bryan will discuss net-zero energy/carbon reduction targets that have recently emerged in the U.S., where several states and local governments are utilizing such energy-efficient building approaches.

May 12 & 13, 2024, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (Cairo time)
Ain Shams University, Faculty of Engineering, Palestine Hall

This workshop will demonstrate how net-zero buildings go beyond traditional energy efficiency by incorporating solutions that advance all-electric, highly efficient equipment, and grid-interactive buildings powered by renewable energy. Additionally, tools will be discussed that allow for the measurement of both operational and embodied energy/carbon as well as achieving whole-building net-zero targets.

Assisting Dr. Bryan in this workshop will be several industry specialists who will provide a perspective on the emergence of net-zero buildings in Egypt. The workshop will also include a field visit to the Grand Egyptian Museum, encompassing a case-study presentation and a tour by members of the design team.

May 14, 2024, 9:30 am – 1:00 pm (Cairo time)
Grand Egyptian Museum, Cairo – Alexandria Desert Road, Al Haram, Giza 

The final day features a field visit to the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM), which was recently awarded the international EDGE Advanced green building certification — making it the first museum in Africa and the Middle East, and among a few worldwide, to receive this certification. A case-study presentation and tour delivered by members of the design team will highlight key sustainable design features and energy-efficient building strategies applied at the GEM.

Workshop Learning Outcomes: Workshop participants will learn the basic principles associated with the design and operation of net-zero buildings. These principles will be applied via a series of best practices that will aid in the evaluation of the expected environmental performance of net-zero buildings. Participants will be able to apply these principles and procedures to a specific net-zero building program.


Watch Dr. Harvey Bryan’s Online Seminar

Watch the recent seminar “Building Performance Standards for Net-Zero Buildings” by Arizona State University’s Dr. Harvey Bryan, PhD, FAIA, LEED-AP, part of the Center of Excellence for Energy’s Energy Exchange Seminar Series.

Professor speaking with video board behind him

Dr. Harvey Bryan, PhD, FAIA, LEED-AP
Professor Emeritus
The Design School, Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts
Arizona State University

Dr. Harvey Bryan is a specialist in building technology who focuses on the interface between technology and the design of ecologically responsible environments. With over 40 years of experience, he has written more than 100 papers and articles. Dr. Bryan has previously taught at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University and is the recipient of three Progressive Architecture Awards, a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects, served on the ASHRAE committee responsible for developing the 90.1-1989 National Energy Standard, and is a member of the Task Group concerned with Buildings Impact on the Environment. (More)

Professor speaking with video board behind him

Dr. Hesham Safwat, PhD 
Senior Lecturer, British University in Egypt
Consultant Committee Member, HVAC and Energy Efficiency

Dr. Hesham Safwat is a Senior Lecturer at the British University in Egypt with a two-and-a-half decades-long career focused on mechanical power engineering, particularly in HVAC systems, energy efficiency, and sustainable building design. He previously served as a Technical Manager at Miraco-Carrier, leading initiatives to advance HVAC system designs and energy efficiency. His consultancy work, recognized and authorized by the Egyptian Syndicate of Engineers, emphasizes energy modeling, LEED certifications, and the design of commercial systems. He actively participates in the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Egyptian Code committee and serves as an International Instructor for ASHRAE. Dr. Safwat is a prolific researcher and author, with a focus on energy-efficient cooling systems, sustainable building practices, and innovative HVAC technologies, earning significant grants and awards. His influence is demonstrated in numerous consultancy projects providing strategic energy audits, design reviews, and sustainability consultations for high-profile establishments, showcasing his commitment to improving building performance and energy efficiency.

Professor speaking with video board behind him

Eng. Karim Farah
General Manager, Reeds Consult
LEED Fellow and Edge Auditor

Eng. Karim Farah is a senior architect, sustainability consultant, and LEED and EDGE expert with 30 years of experience in the design and execution of diverse building projects – including airport terminals, academic campuses, hospitals, research facilities, and more. Eng. Farah has managed over 60 LEED projects across major cities, resulting in 24 certifications: 1 Platinum, 13 Gold, 8 Silver, and 2 Certified. He has also led projects in Doha, Qatar, achieving up to 4-star GSAS Certification. Additionally, he has contributed to an ESTIDAMA Pearl Certified project in Abu Dhabi. For over a decade, Eng. Farah served as Sustainability Manager at Dar AlHandasah. Recognized by GBCI as a LEED Fellow in 2020, he’s also a USGBC LEED® Faculty™, conducting over 25 workshops internationally. He has acted as an Edge Auditor for 11 Edge-certified projects, marking the first in Egypt, and led the technical committee behind the development of TARSHEED, Egypt’s green building rating tool. A frequent speaker at international green building conferences, his influence extends across the MENA region and beyond.

Professor speaking with video board behind him

Dr. Ashraf Kamal, PhD
Professor of Architecture, Urban Planning and Economics
Housing and Building National Research Center (HBRC)

Dr. Ashraf Kamal is a distinguished professor at the Housing and Building National Research Center (HBRC) in Egypt, where he holds a position in the fields of architecture, urban planning, and economics. With a career spanning over 35 years, Dr. Kamal is an authority in various domains. His expertise in architectural design and realization covers a diverse array of projects with green and sustainable building design and construction. Dr. Kamal has also garnered recognition for his academic research in strategic planning, participatory urban development, and housing and real estate management. Dr. Kamal has made significant contributions to capacity building and training, enhancing the knowledge and skills of future professionals in the field. His impact extends to the realm of academia, where he imparts his wealth of knowledge to both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Dr. Kamal has lent his expertise to international projects as an expert in urban economics, circular economy impacts, strategic planning, and climate resilience. Notably, he has led local and international teams in initiatives aimed at promoting energy efficiency and zero-emissions techniques in the building and construction sectors.

Professor speaking with video board behind him

Eng. Ahmed Abdrabo 
Energy and Environment Consultant
Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources

With over 33 years of professional experience, Eng. Ahmed Abdrabo has worked in executive, coordinating, and consulting roles in the energy and environment sectors. For more than 25 years, he has participated in the Egyptian delegation for the UN Climate Change negotiations and contributed to the climate change capacity-building programs in Egypt. Additionally, he has coordinated various energy, energy efficiency, and climate change-related programs in collaboration with international institutions such as the World Bank, USAID, US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Lab, Global Environment Facility, UNDP, EBRD, JICA, and the European Union Commission. Eng. Abdrabo has been involved in numerous local and international sustainable development activities and events, including the recent Rio+20 Summit. Over the past five years, he has led Egypt’s Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources in its energy transition initiatives.

Professor speaking with video board behind him

Mennatullah AbdelGawad
Business Sustainability Manager
Hassan Allam Holding

Mennatullah AbdelGawad is currently working in the Business Sustainability Department of Hassan Allam Holding (HAH). She graduated from the German University in Cairo, majoring in Sustainable Urban Design and joined the company through Hassan Allam Academy’s Graduates program. She did her master’s at Ain Shams University and wrote her MSc. thesis at Arizona State University through the Center of Excellence for Energy’s exchange program that was fully funded by USAID. Her research topic was Exploring Opportunities to Improve Benefit-Cost Ratio of Energy Efficiency of Green Buildings in Egypt. In addition, she has been an IFC-accredited EDGE Expert since February 2022 and has been awarded Construction Professional of the Year 2023 in Big 5 Construction awards.