Red banner with yellow writing: Energy Exchange Seminar Series: The last Monday of every month at 7:00pm (Egypt time)

Hosted by the Center of Excellence for Energy, the “Energy Exchange” seminar series utilizes energy experts from Arizona State University and our Egyptian partner universities at Ain Shams, Mansoura, and Aswan, to lead discussions about critical areas in energy development, challenges and opportunities in renewable energy, technical areas in energy research and innovation, and more. The goal is to bring together experts to ideate and develop concepts and research to advance Egypt’s energy sector supporting their goal of 42% renewable energy by 2035.

LAST SEMINAR: September 25, 2023 at 7:00pm (Cairo time)
“Solar-driven Desalination Systems for Simultaneous Freshwater and Electricity Production”
led by Dr. Abdullah Yusuf, Assistant Professor, Aswan University

The Center of Excellence for Energy hosted a seminar in which Aswan University assistant professor Dr. Abdullah Yusuf led a discussion on global challenges in renewable energy, including addressing water and energy needs, solar energy applications like photovoltaic applications, and solar desalination applications like hybrid photovoltaic desalination systems.

The challenges associated with energy and water needs worldwide and in Egypt and alternatives to fossil energy sources will be presented followed by a review of the initiatives of the Egyptian government, in collaboration with the energy industry, as well as renewable energy projects in Egypt and their contribution to overall output. According to the harvesting method of solar radiation, electricity and heat generation technologies can be divided into two main categories; solar thermal systems and solar electricity generation systems. Egypt possesses extraordinary solar resources that can be applied to a vast variety of solar energy applications and industries, including photovoltaic (PV). The concept and research approaches for solar- driven desalination systems such as hybrid photovoltaic (PV) desalination systems will be discussed to explore the research trends and gaps.


“Is a H2 economy realistic?” led by Dr. A.M. Kannan, Arizona State University
“Energy-Water Nexus”
Dr. Nabil Sabry, Ain Shams University


“Investigation of Decarbonization Pathways with Grid Scale Renewable Energy” Dr. Ryan Milcarek, Arizona State University