and Training

Student Exchange Program

An exchange of ideas, methods, processes, and research is imperative to developing higher education capacity in Egypt, a major goal of the Center of Excellence for Energy. To reach this goal, the center will support the academic and research advancement of Egyptian students by hosting exchange participants from partner Egyptian universities at Arizona State University. The exchange program will be open to undergraduate, graduate, and post-doc students with special efforts made to reach out to and enroll underrepresented students in the energy sector, including women, people with disabilities, and financially needy students; 30% of exchange slots will be held open to individuals from these groups.

Exchange students will spend one term in Arizona, learning, collaborating, and conducting meaningful research at state-of-the-art energy facilities on campus. While studying in the United States, undergraduate and graduate students will enroll in technical courses relating to their fields of study and courses in entrepreneurship and energy transition alongside Arizona State University students. Course work will be designed to build skills valuable to the Egyptian energy sector’s current and anticipated needs such as energy policy, project management, research commercialization, and communication.


In addition, the center will offer an extensive training program, which will include certification programs, workshops, and internships.


The center will host a wide range of workshops in energy research and education, which will be presented at partner universities in Egypt. These one-hour seminars, half-day master classes, and one- to three-day workshops will range in focus from emerging energy research to in-depth methodologies, tools, models, and instruments for cutting-edge energy research, to entrepreneurship and innovation, grant and proposal writing, and energy challenges and transition.


The center’s instructional innovation and curriculum committee is currently assessing Egypt’s workforce needs and will recommend new certification programs for technical training courses to service energy infrastructure, hands-on research methods, and more.


The center will cultivate partnerships with leading companies in Egypt’s energy sector and facilitate placement of interns from the center’s program. The goal of these internships is to provide students with real world experience and support them in building connections to the energy sector.

All of these programs will support the Center of Excellence for Energy in its goal to develop higher education capacity and create a strong, in-depth workforce to support Egypt’s energy transition.