The Center of Excellence for Energy will work to ensure its impact lasts far beyond the project lifetime by cultivating relationships with business and international funding agencies, thus increasing the Egyptian partner universities’ capacity for fundraising.

The center established a Sustainability Committee to help guide industry and governmental relations with the center and its partner universities and establish mechanisms to ensure the center remains financially robust and continues to serve as a leading institution for energy excellence in Egypt. By conducting market analysis, developing lab facilities, planning for service offerings, certificate programs, and workshops, establishing industry partnerships, and collaborating with funding agencies, the sustainability committee plays a crucial role in ensuring the continuous funding and sustainability of the Center of Excellence for Energy beyond the completion of USAID funding. These efforts help support the stakeholders, including energy program students and faculty involved in research planning for the 2035 energy transition in Egypt. Overall, the committee’s activities are aimed at diversifying funding sources and generating sustainable revenue streams for the center to fulfill its mission of advancing energy research, education, and innovation in Egypt.

As part of the plan for sustainability, the center is building a technology center in their facilities at Ain Shams University. The technology center will offer professional certification courses and testing services developed with input from key stakeholders to meet the needs of the energy industry. Certification courses topics could include:

  • Green Building Certification- EDGE- LEED
  • Energy Safety
  • Energy Management
  • Energy Impact of Climate and Environment

The center will also provide training for Egyptian faculty on grant and proposal writing to increase university capacity for the commercialization of research products.