Govindasamy Tamizhmani

Research Professor, Polytechnic School, ASU-US

Dr. Govindasamy “Mani” TamizhMani has been with Arizona State University since 1999. He is the director of Photovoltaic Reliability Laboratory at ASU. He teaches courses and conducts research related to solar photovoltaics (PV), fuel cells, and batteries. His current research focuses on the reliability, durability, and lifetime prediction of PV modules using indoor accelerated test data and outdoor field test data. His PV testing laboratory (ASU Photovoltaic Testing Laboratory) became a spin-off company (called TUV Rheinland PTL) in 2008.TamizhMani was a member of various professional organizations including IEEE, ASTM, IEC, ECS, and PMC.

TamizhMani’s primary research areas of interest include solar photovoltaics (PV), fuel cells, and batteries. He currently focuses on market-driven PV applied research addressing technology application issues and real-world reliability issues using actual field failure data and accelerated indoor testing data. His research projects have been funded by the Department of Energy, Department of Defense, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratories, Science Foundation Arizona, local electric utility companies, and private manufacturers/companies.

[email protected]  (480) 528-4967