Serving as the main advocate for any endeavors or initiatives, the COE steering committee was held on June 14, 2022, to review the center’s academic progress. The subcommittee chairs presented their progress, requests, and recommendations.

After discussions, the steering committee clinched that the Road map of Egypt 2035 and recommendations from EBUs will be an essential part to complete the strategic plan by the end of June 2022.

Dr. Kiaei emphasized the importance of engaging the EPUs with the center and recommended holding a monthly seminar for all EPU faculties that are interested to participate in discussions and exchanging information and ideas and the center expressed its willingness to host these seminars.

He affirmed that there will be several workshops prepared by ASU-US on several topics starting from September on energy policy and another one in November concerning entrepreneurship.

Also, he recommended that based on the number of Egyptian Research candidates and professors the ASU-US will organize 2 online meetings followed by one-to-one meetings to interact