As one of its primary objectives, the COEE conducted the first discussions for the call for research on June 14, 2022.  The COE will conduct research that directly addresses Egypt’s most critical issues in the energy sector, aiming to improve the lives of everyday Egyptians and catalyze economic development. The research will help prepare Egypt to navigate the global energy transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. COE is currently seeking proposals for its research grants program, through which Egyptian university faculty will conduct joint applied research projects with ASU-US faculty.

Dr. Sayfe Kiaei, discussed the overall goal which is to support EPUs to implement high-quality applied research grants of various scopes and sizes (small – medium – large), the research proposals format, and requirements. Dr. Kiaei announced that the call for research proposals and exchange program will be finalized by the end of June 2022 and the proposals will be finalized by mid-August 2022.

The COE continued its main activities, on June 14, 2022, by supporting the academic and research advancement of Egyptian students and faculty by hosting exchange participants at Arizona State University. Visiting students and faculty will conduct cutting-edge energy research in state-of-the-art labs on the ASU-US campus and build skills relevant to the energy sector’s current and anticipated needs.

Dr. Kiaei, gave an overview of the center and exchange program, the exchange process, and the participant selection that will be around 18 students and faculty exchange scholars during 2022/2023 on entrepreneurship and energy policy and regulations at ASU-US for one term.

He affirmed that the exchange requirements will be according to the GPA, Technical areas, English test, and an interview. The exchange program will be determined by late August and the Exchange will start in January 2023.