After receiving proposals from several teams, both external and internal, a team from Arizona State University was invited to submit a teaching methods assessment and training plan. The team has expertise in engineering education, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering. They have submitted a plan to design and lead an impactful training program for Egyptian faculty in effective teaching methods. These trainings will focus on hands-on, practical application over theories and concepts, and techniques taught will be tailored to Egyptian partner university faculty needs and interests.

The team will conduct an assessment and host a series of workshops culminating with an intensive two-week training for select Egyptian partner university faculty in the United States. In conjunction with the Center of Excellence for Energy’s MEL advisor, the Curriculum Development Committee, and other stakeholders, the assessment will review teaching methods via recorded classroom sessions, in-person observations, teacher evaluations, focus groups, surveys, and one-on-one interviews with faculty and leadership. The assessment will be accompanied by workshops for Egyptian partner university faculty in Egypt at which time a cohort of faculty members will be selected to attend a two-week intensive training at Arizona State University.

In-person workshops in Egypt will occur in May in the following locations:

Ain Shams University

Aswan University