Seventeen students were selected for the Spring 2023 cohort of the Center of Excellence for Energy exchange program. Students are taking technical classes in their field of study as well as energy policy and entrepreneurship courses, and conducting research with an Arizona State University host faculty member.

Students come from a variety of backgrounds and regions. Nine of the students are female and eight are male. Fifteen of the students are undergraduate students, one is seeking a master’s degree, and one a doctoral degree. Areas of study include energy and renewable energy engineering, mechanical power engineering, power engineering, electrical and power engineering, and integrated urbanism and sustainable design.

The students arrived at Arizona State University in January. Many of the students had never left the country and were very excited to travel to the U.S. to learn in an international setting and immerse in a new culture. But mostly they looked forward to what they can learn with the international curriculum and hands on research opportunities and how that would support their career pathways. Many of the students have goals of helping Egypt reach its goal of 42% renewable energy by 2035, like Mennatullah, a graduate students seeking a degree in sustainable architectural design.

“It is my role to build more energy efficient buildings that would decrease Egypt’s energy consumption and that in turn would decrease the amount of energy needed for production.”
– Mennatullah, Ain Shams master’s student on exchange
In addition to technical courses in their field of study, the students were enrolled in a multidisciplinary project-based entrepreneurship course designed to provide them with the technical and soft skills they need to drive innovation and competition in Egypt’s energy sector. In addition, they are taking special courses in energy transition leadership and management in order to prepare the students for Egypt’s energy transition.
“Entrepreneurship has helped me because I have always wanted to know about running my own business and different business models. It helps me understand how I can create projects and that supports my career.”
 – Steven, Aswan University exchange student
So far, the students report the transition has been fairly easy. They feel supported by the center’s team and said they have learned a lot about time and money management and how to balance school and home life. 
“The professors here are very friendly and helpful and your effort is really appreciated.”
– Mariam, Ain Shams University exchange student