The Center of Excellence for Energy welcomed Michael M. Crow, PhD, president of Arizona State University. Named the “#1 most innovative” school in the nation by U.S. News & World Report for eight straight years, ASU is a student-centric, technology-enabled university focused on global challenges and operates the USAID-funded Center of Excellence for Energy with its Egyptian partner universities. Dr. Crow visited the center at Ain Shams University in Cairo.

Accompanied by James O’Brian, JD, senior vice president and chief of staff and Chris Howard, PhD, executive vice president and chief operating officer of ASU Public Enterprise, Crow met with Sayfe Kiaei, PhD, project director and ASU professor in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering, and his team. The group discussed the goals of the center and its role in helping Egypt reach its energy transition goals, potential possible strategic partnerships between Arizona State University and the center’s Egyptian partner universities, and channels to secure the project’s long-term viability and sustainability.

“Arizona State University plays a key role in the success of the Center of Excellence for Energy and we appreciated President Crow’s visit,” says Dr. Kiaei. “Dr. Crow emphasized ASU’s global role in international development and the importance of the partnership with the Center of Excellence for Energy and our Egyptian partner universities, the collaboration on curriculum development and research, the conversations facilitated on energy transition and entrepreneurship, and the potential partnerships with the School of Sustainability, ASU Online, and other areas.”

Dr. Kiaei and team provided an overview of the center’s core components: governance, instructional and curriculum development, applied research, and exchanges and training. They explained how they work with leadership and faculty at Egyptian partner universities, as well as leadership in governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations, and the energy industry, to increase higher education capacity and promote innovation, competition, and modernization in Egypt’s energy sector with the goal of accelerating and advancing the progress of the country’s energy transition.

Dr. Crow had the opportunity to hear first-hand from the center’s exchange students who had just returned from their study abroad semester at ASU. He also met with other Ain Shams students who were working on an energy project with the center and learned about the joint binational research proposals the center is reviewing. The discussion highlighted higher education’s essential role in driving innovation and development in the Egyptian energy sector.

To conclude the visit, Dr. Crow toured the Ain Shams campus and facilities where he stressed the importance of the strong partnership between the two institutions. Dr. Crow’s visit reaffirmed Arizona State University and the Center of Excellence for Energy’s shared commitment to advancing the energy sector in Egypt and to working together towards achieving this goal.

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